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Lead vocalist for million-selling rockers KEEL – multiple albums charted in Billboard’s Hot 100 - Recording Artist with Frontiers Records & Universal Music – most recently released “Streets Of Rock & Roll” in conjunction with “The Right To Rock: 25th Anniversary Edition” produced by Gene Simmons of KISS

After selling millions of records and touring the world as both a heavy metal screamer (KEEL, Steeler, etc.) and a country music artist (Ronnie Lee Keel, The Rat’lers, Country Superstars Show) Ron Keel is combining those styles to forge a new sound that will resonate with the Metal Cowboy in all of us. The new music features his trademark strengths: strong powerful riffs & hooks, anthem choruses, and powerful vocals, combined with elements of southern rock and country songwriting and instrumentation. “Imagine if AC/DC made a Lynyrd Skynyrd album,” Ron says, “and you’ll get some idea of what ‘Metal Cowboy’ sounds like.” Backing Ron up on his new release will be Y&T drummer Mike Vanderhule, Tesla’s Frank Hannon, Oz Fox from Stryper, and Geno Arce (KEEL/IronHorse) as well as other notable special guests.

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