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The Kody Brown Family 

As Seen on TLC Sister Wives

  Dj Ashba

 Lead Guitarist of 

 Guns and Roses & Sixx AM 




Ron Keel

The Metal Cowboy


Dale Bozzio of 

Missing Persons

Nadir Dpriest

Of London & Nadir Live


As Seen On TV 

The World Famous Mystic Mona

Phil Lewis

Voice of LA Guns 


Jack Effel 

World Famous 
Director World Series of Poker®

​​Production Company Clients


Virtual Cards

CD & Fanclub of the future. So many benefits for the artist!  Cards can include songs, whole albums, exclusive videos and pictures, VIP experiences, and lots more.


Each card scanned counts as an album sale on Sound Scan! You will have real contact time with each person that buys your card. Sell the cards at your merch table or online! Call for more details

Danny Goldstein 

As Seen & Music Played On TLC Hit Show Sister Wives 



Danny Goldstein is a rock/country songwriter/singer who suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and hails from Las Vegas, Nv. Once an accomplished lead guitarist in hard hitting LV rock and metal acts, Danny's progressive illness stripped him of his advanced guitar skills, but has left him with an inspiring attitude and an honest form of songwriting that comes straight from the heart! Danny tackles subjects and experiences from deep inside his soul and commands the listener to feel emotion. His first single Walk Away is an acoustic version of what will be a fully produced track on Goldstein's forthcoming album in 2013. It's a great showcase of the genuine emotion, story telling qualities, and vulnerabilty that is the cornerstone of Goldstein's sound. Goldstein aspires to touch a large audience with his music and to inspire others with disabilities whether it's physical or mental to keep on fighting and living life to the fullest of their capabilities.

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